Jon Lincoln Gordon

artist and teacher

I am a committed and enthusiastic teacher who gains great pleasure from seeing student interest; skill and creativity grow under my care. I firmly believe that the development of observational and motor skills are essential tools for art, design and life. The development of an idea, visual awareness and skill at recording, through a wide range of media are the necessary requirements for the production of creative work. Giving students the knowledge of different techniques and approaches in a variety of media; 2D and 3D, printmaking, photography etc. is vital. This I tend to do on a given theme that focuses the student’s learning whilst enhancing awareness and a knowledge of art.  With this grounding, students are then able to develop their own understanding of art and design and acquire a visual awareness which can only be beneficial to their future quality of life.

   The teaching environment is of extreme importance in my teaching and the students learning. I always aim to instill pride in students of their own and other’s work. Display in a variety of forms showing the purpose of the learning as well as the outcome, should be of a high standard so that they feel their work is valued. Critical evaluation of all work rooted in positive reinforcement strategies helps students achieve success. I have recently been Head of Art at several Secondary Schools.  I moved to Devon to set up an Organic Farm and Horticultural Therapy centre for those with enduring mental health problems with my wife who works in psychiatry. To Paint my own work and run courses on our farm.      

Jon Lincoln Gordon

Painter, Printmaker and teacher working in North  Devon. Landscapes Portraits work in studio and commision.

Exhibitions and work in private collections